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I took my P226 to a match with ammo loaded for my Colt but not retested. It would not deliver as much velocity as my Colt. Fortunately the chronoman at the match had a Colt 9mm as a reference gun and my ammo passed in it, so I could continue.
Good point, I have a few pistols and revolvers that always go with me to matches as they are the “fastest” shooting guns I have in their caliber. The rule book allows your ammunition to be chronographed in any legal (for the division) firearm. I have never had to use them but a fellow shooter did come to find his load out of my 38 spl went 75 fps faster than it did out of his .357 so he didn’t DQ. I go for just over 170 and 130 just so I don’t have to worry about making 165 or 125, there are plenty of other things to be thinking about.

Don't forget about those big, steel popper targets, if they are used at the matches you will be attending.
Too mild a load might not knock them down well, or at all.
All steel must be calibrated to fall with ammunition that makes PF. However, this is another reason why I prefer, heavy for caliber, bullets (9/147, 40/180,45/230) as they seem to do a better job to me knocking down steel.
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