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Unfortunately, (as my name might imply) I am not a gun collector.
So i have no idea what the gun is worth...

My Grandfather is/was the original purchaser of this i assume back in '79 haha I wasnt even born then. He found it when he was going through some things and he had forgotten about it.
He told me that he had carried it before, but had never fired it, i dont really know why you wouldnt fire a gun you were "packing" seems a little dumb if you ask me. But its in good shape least as far as i can tell, i do plan on carrying it.

I'l post some pics of it. Although it has now shot 52 rounds, what do you all think it might be worth? I have NO idea.

And thank you very much for the info Flyfish

I dont thing the pics really do it justice. Theyre a tad bit dark. Anyways, ill try to get more
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