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So let me see if I understand the power floor. If I load a 135 gr bullet, it needs to be atleast 926fps, and if I load a 165 gr bullet, it needs to be 758 fps. I don't think that the .40 with 165 [email protected] 1050(approx, I think) is uncomfortable to shoot, just wondering if I can get on target faster with something else.

Wow, looking at it like this, I'm WAY above the floor. I am looking at Hodgdon's load data, and I don't see much that is even close to the floor. Clays is the slowest showen, and it is still about 100 fps faster then the floor on either the 135 or 165. I guess that's cause I'm shooting a .40 not a 9mm. Is there a safe load that is close to the floor? Will it function in the gun? Tell me (my wife more importantly) I need another gun, maybe a G34!!
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