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Well, John M. Browning and Colt's Pt. F.A. Mfg. Co., Inc. introduced the .45 automatic with 200 grain bullets in 1905. Perhaps the Army messed that up by insisting on getting as close as possible to the various .45 revolver loads they were accustomed to.

I believe the 9mm P was introduced with a 124 gr bullet and the .38 Auto/Super certainly with a 130.
I have shot everything from 115 to 160 and am now using 135 gr bullets. Don't know but what I might settle on 124s which are more readily available. I want to stay subsonic even if only by a little. The 115's supersonic or at least transsonic shockwave adds to the perception of recoil. For me, at least.

The .40 was introduced with a 180 gr bullet to approximate the 185 gr .45 ACP JHP, but the trend was downward from an early date. For target shooting a medium-light .40 will approximate a heavy 9mm.
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