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Yes, the subjective description of heavy-bullet recoil is "soft", but it's also slow. I've known guys to experiment with bullets heavier than normal to try for that "soft" recoil effect (250+ grains in .45), but I was reading in Front Sight (USPSA publication) that back-to-back testing of heavy- and light-bullet loads resulted in better scores being shot with lighter bullets. I started shooting USPSA and IDPA with 230gr bullets in .45, but have shot nothing but 200s for the last ten years. I've been loading 130s in 9mm and .38 Super, though some guys claim that 147gr 9mm at minor power factor is like shooting a .22. I've also heard these same guys say they like to load to 135-145 power factor, as the gun seems sluggish when loaded lower, but I wonder if they'd do better driving lighter bullets a bit faster? If I were shooting a .40, I'd certainly experiment with different weights.
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