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Lead and Guns Unfair Rap

Several groups are pushing the EPA to ban lead's use in bullets. I’m not going to engage the lead dangers debate other than to say it seems like so little science and so much smoke and mirrors.

However what I want to bring to your attention are pharmaceuticals in the drinking water and well water, lake and river water and almost any kind of water you might swim in, bathe in or ingest in any town or city in this country.

Most water treatment plants in the US use literally 1918 settling tank technology that can't remove even 1% of the pharmaceuticals in the water and only a few towns and cities in the entire nation are fortunate enough to have a Reverse Osmosis plant that can remove 99.8% of these chemicals.

The effect of Pharmaceutical chemicals mixed in the water is unknown and unstudied until recently. The studies that were done recently seem to indicate that the effect is that it mentally and hormonally changes men to take on some of the traits of women and vice versa.

Here now is a legitimate issue that far outweighs anything that guns and lead fired from guns could ever produce and yet the average person has heard and knows nothing about it.

Is it just me or is it our "green" movement has a lot less to do with being green or even good science and a lot more to do people trying to get rid of guns and move a political agenda forward that has very little to do with being green.

Im not looking to debate all these things... What do you think? Unfair rap?
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