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Hey guys, sorry to re-ignite an old thread, but I didn't want to muddy the "search" waters for those who may search for this type of thing going forward. I figured one less thread to sift through would probably be helpful. I've taken these guns apart a few times and know how to do it. What led me to post here on an outdated thread was that I've had a small issue with my 1967 made Belgian BAR. I believe it to be a common occurance that the bolt doesn't want to return to battery (let me know if I'm using that terminology incorrectly.) It would load another shell, but the bolt handle would not return forward as far as it should have. After that, I'd try to fire again, and nothing but "click." My SOP led me to rack the bolt back (figuring on a faulty primer or whatever.) This would obviously lead to problems, because the extractor wasn't engaged on the rim to eject the chambered I'd wind up with one in the chamber, and one floating around in front of the bolt, not being able to go into the already occupied chamber.

This rifle, one of the earliest made was new to me in probably 2001. At that time that I got it, it had never been fired. It had some cosmoline type greasy substance inside the receiver, which I cleaned out as best as I could at the time. I went on to shoot it, periodically having the issue I described above. I figure the bolt mechanism was probably gummed up with the same cosmoline or whatever it was, and that this was what was causing the failures. Anyway, Saturday I took the gun apart to remove the bolt for a thorough cleaning to see if that would do the trick. I reassembled on Sunday and proceeded to test it out at the range. Problem solved. I filmed the disassembly procedure so I could show it to you guys so as to help out anybody who's having problems. Today, I left the cord that connects the camera to my computer, so I'll have to upload it tomorrow. Once I get it uploaded, I'll post a link to this thread.

In the meantime, if anybody has issues with BAR disassembly, I may be of some help to you all.
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