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The more I think about this issue the more I am coming to believe it probably wont get passed or if it does so it will have no enforcement.

Without debating the issue or the politics around it: I believe that our country is broke and not far down the road severe inflation or severe deflation or some combination of the two will rip our economy further apart.

How this will affect this issue is that: If the dollar is worthless there wont be any money to pay for the enforcement of such a agreement nor paid police to enforce it.

Further the institutions it would require our government to create it can ill afford financially not to mention the probably near permanent end to whatever political party passed it.

Any political group that cant afford the police to protect itself from a potentially outraged population could ill afford legislation like this that might enrage it.

As much as I can see how the left would love to get this in place I dont think they have time to play with this when there are so many other hot button issues on there agenda. Not to mention a growning number of sites paint a less and less rosy picture our our financial future over the next two years.

In the end I suspect this will be the "bridge too far" so to speak.... Sure I'll still worry that I could be wrong but I dont think so.
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