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Foghorn, the question is, did the people you made the payments to ever get the money? Or did they just get a credit in their account? A credit is fine, until you try to retrieve the funds and then can't.
I assume they did, they asked for gunpal, and shipped the pistolas to me.
My CC was charged with no extra nonsense. I was worried on the first one, when I opened my account, but I dont have any funds deposited with them. I do have money in my paypal, but never had any problems with them either.
I mean Gpal was created to use for firearms, because PP was discriminating against us.
So we use our own and its a disaster. I use GB a lot, a lot for me anyways, and I dont mind chucking in a 2% fee if that is what the seller is getting clipped for, but I sometimes think between shipping, and all the other mumbo jumbo, it's all BS to get extra $$ from the buyer. If I send you $ on PP, why would they charge you extra? I get that a lot, the guy says I take PP but they charge me extra, so you have to pay the fees. I think its bull.
I also don't like risking my $ on a money order and mailing it in the PO. So for me it's worth the 7 or 9 bucks to get the item shipped the day I bought it, especially a used pistol, Im curious about anyway. Then you have all the FFL guys jumping on the bandwagon, one charges 10 to call it in one charges 4, then cabelas charges if you use the gun counter to do the transfer, but the gun library doesn't charge. one FFL wont call it in until it is acquired, and one will call it in when you fill out the forms.
There is no standard way of controlling your interests, everybody's out to get some, and some of these guys aren't anything but employees, so why do they care one way or the other.

I think these are valid points when considering any benefits of using Gpal.
vs the snail mail or creditcards

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