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Well after a number of back and forth emails I finally put down an ultimatum, Fed Ex or ACH by Friday or I report you to the AG and FBI. No fee's charged etc.

I got a deposit yesterday of my balance, less the fee's of course. But I have finally withdrawn all my money, albeit more than a month later.

I posted this here so those who have not gotten it can try to leverage their cash out of them and have a chance of success. To GPal's credit they took me seriously (and I was) and did the right thing eventually. Still no communication, but I now have the funds so I consider it closed except for the sport of trying to get my fees refunded.

There is still the matter of it happening in the first place, the bad communication, and so outright lies that took place in our communications, such as I never sent my address to them, after I had several times. Pure delaying tactics. Honesty is the best policy and this is a prime example of why.

To those of you out there still waiting, good luck!
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