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I didn't take enough time to read all of the posts I'd missed over the last few weeks, hopefully this will answer all of the questions I omitted in my last post...

For the first several holsters I made, I used my own personal guns. As things have progressed, I have built a small collection of Blue Guns, and I'm trying very hard not to use real guns any more than I have to. For custom orders though, I am usually having to use the customers gun if it is something out of the ordinary. Initially, I was using my own bodyweight as the press, which worked ok, but spending 5-10 minutes sitting on the simple press that I made was rather time consuming. I have since gotten a 12 ton shop press from Harbor Freight that is MUCH more efficient. I've also improved my molding techniques quite a bit, and am subsequently producing a much better looking product. With everything set-up and ready to rock, I can turn out about 3 fully handcrafted and finished holsters an hour.

As far as investment goes, I've got around $1200-$1500 tied up in equipment, tools, consumable materials, and Blue Guns, and if things continue progressing at the pace they have so far, I will be turning a profit my the end of the month. My biggest problem right now is time, since holster making is just a "hobby" and I still have a "real job". Luckily I have an AWESOME wife who is fully supportive of my new venture.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words!

Here is some of my newer stuff...

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