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Nice work. I've been thinking of the same for a while now; making my own. How steep did you find the learning curve to be?
Sorry for the late reply... I've been busy lately. The curve is not too steep at all. As a matter of fact, since I got those first couple of holsters made, I've invested a few more dollars into some equipment and materials, and I am now fully licensed to do business and have created an LLC.

I delivered a sizable order to a local shop on Monday, and got called with a second order today, so things are going well. I am now Trojan Tactical LLC, and will be online at very soon. (And my more recent work looks MUCH better than the holsters pictured here!)

can you offer up your source for the Kydex ???
At the moment I'm still getting stuff from, but I'm searching for somewhere to buy more in bulk. Their prices are pretty good though.

what temp do you need for the kydex to mold?
Around 350F seems to be the magic temp... Though I've had one guy say that after leaving his in the console of his truck for a few days that the mold loosened a bit. I'm not sure that that is what happened, but I can't say that it didn't (we are in Alabama, in the middle of August). After all, it is heat molded plastic.
I wouldn't say that Kydex is really finicky, but you do have to watch it fairly close. It can overheat quickly, and that is not particularly good.

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