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Hey Guys!

I want to take the time to thank you all for your support and great comments about Weapon Shield and how you’ve all found it to be in performance on your weapons and the like.

Make no mistake; times are tough financially, not only for us but for everyone so we decided to try something that just may benefit us all in creating sales and saving you all some cash.

Here’s the deal:
Until the end of August (31st), if you call in an order of any size Weapon Shield or Weapon Shield Grease, (800-390-1535) and mention the “August Sale”, you’ll receive 20% off of your order. We can’t really do this on the web-commerce site, as it’s all pre-programmed to the retail pricing and such. But calling our toll free and mentioning the sale to Gary or Mark will get you the discount. Also, if you don’t mind the US Postal system over UPS, we can save you a bunch in shipping as well. And that’s pretty significant, seeing that UPS charges almost as much as the 4 ounce Weapon Shield costs, just to get it to you.

The SECOND part of the deal is this:
For those of you who have never tried our other products like V-Twin Shield, Engine Shield, Truck Shield, Marine Shield, or Transmission Shield, we’ll extend to you a 25% off discount on any of those. For those of you who already buy or use them, now’s the time to stock up or get a deal on them. If you’re not familiar with them you can check them out here:

Or to read about them, here:

We’re not looking to take business away from our distributors and reps; that’s why the sale is limited to the end of August. We’re looking to enhancing sales as well as saving you, our customers some money in the interim.

You guys have always been our “wings” and word-spreaders over the web, so please feel free to repost this on all the various and different forums out there that you see fit. Thanks again for everything guys…you rock!

Best regards, as always,

PS: Please come Join us on Facebook @ The Official Weapon Shield Fan Club ( ) or you can hit me up at my personal page at
George C. Fennell
Steel Shield Technologies, Inc.
President-Technical Division
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