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Well, me as well. It has been a month since I tried to withdraw money and put it in my account. I had used it successfully for a year or more prior but now....

The funds don't show in my gunpal account nor in my bank account. I received one email asking for my mailing address on the 2nd and that's it. As I sit here it has been an hour I have been on hold with these guys.

If I don't get a response to my umpteenth email, I am reporting them to the AG and I suppose the FBI.

I have no idea how they screwed this all up so badly, but I don't know if this is a recoverable event from a business perspective. AS a business owner myself I have had customers mad at me, but I always communicated with them and worked to solve the problem. From my perspective right now, I think this will all end badly and I will never see my money.

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