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Cliff Notes with BOLD highlights

We came up with the idea of a sawed off shotgun. I went to a few pawn shops and found what I thought would be good for the use. It was a single barrelled single shot, single action with external hammer. I cut the barrel off to 19 inches, and filed it smooth. I pistol gripped the stock. I then did the major no-no. I turned it into a widowmaker. I removed the trigger, and trigger guard, and did the work to make it fire by simply pulling the hammer back
Why not a SxS or pump shotgun?

I was at my blood brother's house with a few other friends, I was relaxing with a few drinks that turned into a few too many..
He pulled it out of the pocket, and was turning it to face upwards, I crossed its path, the hammer caught on the sleeve of the jacket, and was pulled back enough it discharged
That was inevitable

I was shot in the chest from arms reach distance with a 12 ga. shotgun with #6 birdshot. My left pectorial was shredded, my lung collapsed and was now filling with blood
I started to walk outside. It was an unseasonably cold November night for North Central Texas, Somewhere in the 10 degree area. I made it to the porch and I remember falling. I opened my eyes and it was dark where I was but I could see purple light, and a person above me saying he is dead
Birdshot users take note here

We hugged, and made a pact right then and there to never mix alcohol and guns, and to always break one open when handeling, and keep it pointed in a safe direction. We still shoot together, and are closer than ever.
Takes a lot of cojones to post a story like this on teh intrawebs

I'd like to narrate this fascinating story Mystery Science Theater 3000 style, but perhaps that would make me look too insensitive
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