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The extractor and the ejector need to be adjusted (tuned) to work together. If the extractor is too tight and holds onto the case a little too long or releases it too soon or if the ejector doesn't kick it out the port without striking the port's edge brass will be dented. There are some instructional stickies on both of the 1911 forums describing this. Wilson Combat used to have some details on dealing with this also on their website. A knowlegeable 1911 smith can stop almost all of the denting. The original 1911 ejector design threw cases almost straight up. When competition shooters first started mounting scopes on their 1911s smiths figured out how to reshape the ejector's nose to steer the brass more to the side so cases didn't hit the scope (and sometimes bounce right back into the open port). Unless the dents are severe it's not really a problem as the sizing and expander dies will straighten them out easily. Lowering the port wall and flaring the rear opening definitely helps but is not absolutely necessary. A slightly longer ejector will start the case out the port a little sooner and is a help. There are a lot of GI 1911s out there with no modifications that will eject the brass up and out so they'll clear the port. Do some searches and you'll find details on this.

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