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No, not canada, we live in Anchorage, it was in what I can only describe as "a spot" about 4 hours from here

Went out again today. We were there at first light checking over the gutpile and ramains of the moose kill. No dogs, but alot of tracks around it. Alot of magpies and ravens too. We called the area, nothing. Drove around and did some morning road hunting, and some calling sets. Probably 6 or 7 sets all together, but didn't call in anything but birds. I spotted 3 moose, scoped them, and it was a cow and two half grown calves. About an hour later we saw another cow and her two calves. One of the calves was definatly a bull. He was almost as big as his mother and had a big head and a large hump-back like many bulls do. He was much bigger than the other calf. That's about it. We could only hunt the morning because we hunted all day yesterday and had some stuff we needed to get done this weekend. Plan on going out there again next weekend, but moose season will be over, we'll just be looking for dogs.
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