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It depends on what you are using it for. I have a Garmin GPS Map76s that I have had for years. It is portable, reliable, it floats, has a compass, and you can load detailed maps from the provided and updatable Mapsource software. It is my trusted pack GPS.

I have have another Garmin Nuvi widescreen "driving type" GPS unit and a mid-priced TomTom. I prefer the Garmin for turn by turn directions and other customizable features. Many things like traffic, marine, and other subscription features add to the cost that may never be used.

If you are staying on the road, the Garmin will even show seasonal roads in the UP, not just the major paved ones. Off road I can recommend the GPS Map 76 or similar. They still make it and now in color. Go to the Garmin site and compare the features.
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