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Good suggestions.
Hand wipes I have.
Reactice targets I have some clays, I also have a few jugs of water. I have some Vmax loaded up for my .221 fireball. It has a lot of zoom on the scope so I know they will be able to see quite well with it. There is no recoil to this rife so I know they will enjoy it.
I do not have any supressors as of yet. Also there will probably be more than a few people that show up to shoot. So hearing protection is a must for everone. I do have some cb caps for my single action .22 lr. I will start the twins with it, and let them move up to the bulk federal stuff, then it is up to them if they want to try something larger.
Looks like it will be a fun day today. Now back to the loading bench. I have to load up some more .41 mags with Trail Boss so my girlfriend has plenty of them to shoot. She seems to claim that one as hers as long as there is ammo for some reason.
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