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Taking kids to the range for the first time

I thought this might help some people taking kids to the range. If you can think of something I do not list feel free to post it.
I will be going to the range with some family friends tomorrow. They will be bringing 2 kids. Ages 12, and 9. The boy is 12, the girl is 9. I have been shooting with both since shortly after they came out of diapers. They are well behaved, they know the 4 major rules by heart. They also are more mature than a few of the bozos that show up there sometimes. The thing is this is thier first trip to this range. Also my girlfried may be bringing her 2 nieces. They are 14 year old twins. Thier experience with guns is limited at best. They are versed on the safty issue. (If they were not, my girlfriend would not be bringing them.)
My thing other than the safty issues which have already been covered, are making the day fun for them. So here is what I have done to make it enjoyable for all.
1 I am not going for me. I probably will not shoot. This is going to be thier time. Most of my time is going to be supervising, and loading mags.
2 I am planing on it being only for a couple of hours. The gate opens at 10 am. By 1 pm it will be close to if not over 100 degrees. I am figuring that most everyone will be ready to call it a day by noon.
3 I have already made a deal with the staff to have a cart for running the girls to the bathroom. (good thing is the place has a nice clean bathroom.) Girls hate smelly chem cans.
4 I am taking an icechest with some drinks and snacks. Kids get thirsty, and a few snacks do not hurt to have. As well as some sunblock.
5 I have enough hearing protection, and safty glasses for all, and a couple of spares. As well as a ton of ammo. Plenty of targets, also a box of clay's and some holders for them. They can see the hit. Every kid I have seen shoot them had fun.
6 I have another friend that is coming to help out, he is an instructor, and an LEO. The guy loves to work with kids as much as I do so I am greatful for his help.
7 When it is time to pack up and go, we are all going for icecream. After it starts to get hot icecream sure is good.
If you folks can think of more I am open to suggestions. Thaks
PS Mods if this is not the right forum feel free to move it.
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