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Rem 788 Sights

Been eyeballing my newly acquired 788 in .308 flavor and come up with a question or two.

1. Did nobody ever make leupold type 2-piece scope bases? All I can find are 1-piece and aluminum weaver style (#'s 75 and 76- don't care for 'em).

2. Peep sight bases. Do, or should, I go with a .22 style peep sight base and a more classic look semi-target peep sight? Or simply content myself with a Lyman #57 with target knobs that attach straight to the receiver? I know I'll have to inlet the stock a bit.

3. In years past, were the side mount sight bases only used on .22's? I have a Rem 540 with Redfields and I wouldn't mind that look on my 788- but without the globe front sight. It seems the existing front lends itself fairly well to a rear peep as it is. Any thoughts?

I'm leaning more towards peeps whilst I can still see well enough to enjoy them.
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