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Hazborgufen.... congrats on successfully "jumping through all the hoops". Seems like everything for the most part went rather smoothly for you... I haven't been having much luck. My inquiries have netted conflicting advice, a few shoulder shrugs and some plain ol' "I'm not sure, we'll need to look into that." I've also gotten a few hmmm, how to say it, ....looks?

With the exception of one legally registered shotgun I have kept my collection at a family members home in the 'burbs for over twenty years. When I was inquiring about the "previously owned/must be registered within 90 days" aspect of the whole process I was asked how many weapons (his word) are we talking about? I said there would be 16 handguns and 9 long guns..... I was told point blank, "that will be a problem, you will not be allowed to own that many"..... and here's the best part, another officer who was close by and overheard said, "why in the world do you need that many guns!?"

With the misinformation and associated fees involved I believe my "weapons" will be living in the burbs for a while longer, they've been there this long so a little longer isn't going to matter. Plus I am hoping that there will be some changes made (for the better) in the whole process, especially the fees... not in the cards for me right now to throw down that kind of money, unemployment only goes so far.... good thing they don't charge you to vote, eh?

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