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Generally the recoil on a BP pistol is more of a push than a wrench, if that make's sense.

I shoot mainly cartridge handguns in .32S&W, 9mm, .38sp, .357, 7.62x25, and 9x18 mak.

On my heavier loads of BP substitute in my '58 Rem, i haven't felt any perceived recoil above what I would figure my 9mm guns produce. However, it's really tough to compare. One is coming out of a 4" barrel of a steel framed auto loader. The other is coming out of an 8" 2.5lb revolver. Totally different feel.

I will say that BP tends to push back on you (thus seeming milder to me) than smokeless. One simply has to let a couple .357's rip to notice it
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