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It's clearly designed to make it prohibitively expensive for someone like a single mom struggling along as an accounting clerk and part-time waitress. Or a senior citizen on a limited income who might be able to scrape together $275 for a nice used gun.

Illinois State Firearms Owner ID Card ...: $ 10
Chicago Firearms Owners Permit (CFP).....: $ 100
Chicago Gun Registration Fee ............: $ 15
Certified Class & Range Training course..: $ 75
Training Course Range Fee ...............: $ 20
One box (50 rounds) of .45 ammuntion.....: $ 32

This is probably typical within $15... I make that to be $252 in extra, government-mandated costs just to own your first gun.

If you're paid about $18/hr, also figure your time -- five hours of instruction time, about 4 hours of driving time, 90 minutes submitting the paperwork in person, plus the time to fill out all those permission-slip request forms. That's close to another $190, not counting fuel, transit or parking expenses.

I may drop Alan Gura a note about it, though I'm sure he's aware. He just may not yet know someone who's actually completed the process yet. Let's see if we can help him stir the pot.
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