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I was doin' more research (Google) at lunch and found one of those shoulderstocks mounted on the Savage, not the Alsop. It went for over 10K at auction. Yep, gettin' it ready so's I can shoot this puppy. I noticed the trigger guard was missing the retaining screw under the grip so I modified a screw blued it and locked'er down tight, now movement won't crack the grip. Also, picked at the frame #'s with a tooth pick and the serial # is 56. There is also a # 598 on one of the grip panels. Back to shooting I cleaned out the bbl and lapped it (had high rust spots by the forcing cone) w/ 600 grit on a brass dowel spun by my drill. Great lands and grooves and now, no bbl obstruction due to rust. 357 balls won't slide down the bbl but I haven't checked for fit in the chambers yet. Maybe I won't have to tap them w/ a hammer to swell the diameter after all.
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