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Oh mannnnn....pohill !! I was dealin' with him before you told him how to adjust the owe me LOL!! I knew about the adjustment, I'd been reading up on this gun before I found one I could afford. I figured it might be that easy to fix, but knowing my luck, I figured it might also be an internal part I'd have to make or fix so I didn't say anything. Thanks for the parts site, pretty limited selection but you never know. By the way, if you look closely at the pic of the shoulder stock innerds, you'll see they used a square nut there on the main springs' screw. Bein' the Civil War and all, maybe they subbed out some of the simpler stuff and took whatever was handy. I've got a civilian Rogers & Spencer he wants, but it fit's right in with my oddball Civil War collection I'm starting, plus the R&S is my all time favorite bp revolver so it stays here.

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