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I never went shooting with my Dad, but he did leave an old Remington Model 12 pump .22 that was made in the 1920's. I came to find out that it was missing the firing pin, it had been dry pumped so many times that the chamber mouth was too peened for the rounds to chamber, part of the wood was from a Winchester, the blue finish had been roughly sanded off the entire gun by my brother and then it just sat in the closet unfired for many years. However due to the lack of use it has a minty bore.
Then several years ago I met a Texas gunsmith online who had a love for Model 12's and he offered to fix up what he called "the old gal" for me. So he did all of the work, replacing all of the wood, buffing and hot bluing the metal, replacing some parts including making a new front sight, fixing the chamber mouth and even filling in the barrel stamping with some gold leaf paint. It all cost a little over $300 but it was done as an honor and now my 3 boys can shoot it too.

So Dad's old gal is still hanging around making life more of a pleasure.
And life is not just about what you did or didn't do with your Dad, but it's also about what he wanted you to do without him.

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