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Question about hotlink/int.prop policy for images...

This one is pretty infamous.

Image removed.

Obviously, HK owns the rights to this since they made the original cover art... but look more closely:

This is a cell phone picture of the back page ad in some gun mag, as the mag sits on someone's table.

I don't know who took the pic... it's been copied voraciously all over the interwebz, and I now host a copy of it on my photobucket site.

I'm sure HK would love for this pic to simply disappear down the pooper, but it has relevance to the firearms community due to the "because you suck, and we hate you" line of thought.

Technically, this is not a cut and paste. Nor is it a hotlinking to media owned by HK...

...or is it, according to the new TFL guidelines?

What about PrtScn captures of articles, hosted on one's own photobucket? Digital photographs of offensive (to our community) print articles from Time magazine?

Where is the "grey?"


Or, another direction:

What about editorially relevant derivative works, like this?

Image removed

The original image was from a news article somewhere, but I ran it through a "demotivator" after being stricken by inspiration to come up with the composite work of art after the ATF's harassment of Cavalry Arms in my neck o' the woods.

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