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Nice that this is bringing out all the "Dad stories"

First of all, HC, thanks for pointing out that there are things in life more important than getting to work on time.

I was married to my thankfully ex wife for 25 years (or was it 125 years). She was basically a primadonna who had a tough time getting along with anyone. She drove a wedge between me and my folks.

We split up in 96 and I remarried in 98. My relationship with my folks now has never been better thanks to my present wife.

My father is 84. He and my mother drove from Naples, Florida to Chesapeake, Virginia about three months ago to put up a loft in my garage. He designed it on Visio right down to the length of each piece of lumber. He threw his tools in the car and drove up and we put it together in two days.

We stopped every day at about 4:00 for happy hour. My mother had nothing to do with the loft project, so she and the missus painted the dining room, the living room and put up a chair rail.

This is not a one time occurence. We have a project that we work on about once a year. Theater room. Computer work stations in our office. Cabinets in the den. Ten years ago we completely rennovated a house that was built in 1902.

I owe this renewed relationship with my folks to the present Mrs. Dr. Hoy. It would take hours to relate all of the things she does to keep the relationship strong because she knows it is important to me.

HC, I think the photo of your Dad is special for a somewhat odd reason. Here it is.

What are you thinking when you are aiming a weapon at some target? Don't you kind of put everything else out of your mind. Aiming a weapon is one of the few truly personal activities. Most of the time when you take a photo of someone they are making sure they are smiling, the are adjusting their tie or making sure the shirt is tucked in. But in that photo of your Dad he was concentrating, just for a moment on nothing but the rifle, the target, the sights, his finger. That was a moment that you gave to him and it is dead right that you should cherish it.

Thanks again for the post.

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