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the Glock 81 and Kershaw Roughneck
Your kidding right???

Im not sure there is any such thing as a best survival knife.... Whats one mans favorite is another mans junk.

For years and years I carried (and still have) a gerber MKII, was it very good to be sure and for the money a bargin, is it the best not by a long shot.
Some knife guys and gals will spend several hundreds of dollars (or more) and get exotic custome knives with steels the big company's just cant touch.

I myself always tried for the best blade for the job Im doing and my personality.

The MKII is a dagger and there are a lot of people who will say you cant do this well with a dagger or you cant to that well with a dagger. I would reply thats because you dont know how to use a dagger. Point being Its all a choice.

As far as any mass produced knife being the best survival tool, its doubtful but that doesnt mean that you cant depend on some of them in a serious situation.

A knife is a tool and how you implement its use is what will determine its value to you. If I had a boat load of money absolutely I would have something exotic but I still have kids to feed and a roof over my head to worry about.

Best bang for the buck in mass production knives I would say SOG or Cold Steel or several other quality companies; then again Spyderco makes some great knives for specific uses.....

Its all up to you.
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