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Nirosta steel Stenda Beholla?

I recently purchased a Stenda pistol that I'm guessing was nickeled after it made its way into the states. Took it out shooting and got a lot of light strikes, I figure the firing pin spring needs to be replaced. Although it may have been the PRVI ammo I was using, going to try it with some Winchester white box and see if that helps.

I was browsing my local for sale forum and noticed someone selling 1930 Sauer and Sohn and the seller was making a big point that it was Nirosta steel. I noticed the proof marks looked just like some on my recently acquired Stenda.
Here's a pic of the proof directly right of the serial number

Couple more pics

So is it rare for a Stenda to be made with Krupp Nirosta steel, or are all of them made with Nirosta steel? Does this raise the value of pistol as well?
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