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glock knife

You wanna talk knives. OK, most gun guys do.

I've had a Glock knife for a long time, and its most recent test was cutting up a cow that had been shot in a landowners pasture. We were hunting for slugs in the critter. The glock did good, and held an edge as we cut, pried and chopped our way through most of two hams.

I sold my model with the sawback, just couldn't find a use for it, and got the std solid spine model. The saw teeth seemed hard on the sheath, and in the way oft times as I worked with the off hand or had an odd grip.

I like the sheath, very positive and secure, and can go on and off the belt w/o removing the belt and losing your trousers. I like the tapered edge, not hollow ground, very tough. I like the price.

I don't like the fact that the cutting edge does not go closer to the guard. There's about an inch or so that is not sharpened, right where I like to cut if I'm doing really fine work. Just a half inch more edge would make all the difference to me.
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