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Went moose hunting today hoping to get lucky since the late season only opened for a few days. Well when we got out and about we ran into a game warden (trooper) who was helping to clean a poached moose for charity . He asked us if we seen the wolves, we said no, he said "no???". It seems he'd seen 17 a little ways back on the same road, and the area was over run with them!!! He said "go shoot 'em, this area has WAY too many."He also said that he had seen 5 coyotes that same morning."nuff said" and we were on our way. It was the best looking farm country we'd found in a while, and were kinda surprised we hadn't seen a fox or coyote yet. We hadn't been calling though, cuz we were moose hunting while it was early. After about half an hour tyler spotted a yote standing beside a small rise in a field. It was only about 50 yrds, and a car was passing, and by the time it got by the dog had ran out to about 250 yards. Tyler had the 22-250, and shot and missed, shot again and missed, by this time another one had ran out from behind the hill and headed across the field. I squeeked my call and got them both to stop, one was at about 350, and my pa missed a shot at it, but it was trotting. The one I saw was at about 300 yards, and running. I was able to stop it with my call, he looked back, so I got steady over the hood and right before I shot he turned and started to walk, I missed, and was able to stop him from an all out run AGAIN (obviosly VERY uneducated dogs, not young though, they were BIG) I shot at him standing and missed All in all 5 shots fired, no dogs. I was shooting my 375, because we were out hunting moose, not dogs, and though one "light" rifle would be enough. Our Mistake. Tomorrow we're going to be out there at sun-up, with our 6mm, .245, and 22-250 (one for each of us) and probably my moose gun. I was looking at a chart in petersons that says at 300 yards my bullets should be dropping about 11 inches, but It's not a varmint gun, and I was a little uneasy about shooting there. Oh well, chalk one up for experience and we'll see if we can get some tomorrow.
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