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Great info Lee!
I was looking at the USPSA web site last night on the subject of which division to compete in.
I knew a friend of mine thats competes used a production model, but he filled his mags.
I didn't even look at the limited division.

I become interested in handguns & shooting in March of this year.
The buddy who got me hooked also reloads so I have been saving brass from the begining.
I got took on a box of CCI right when I got into shooting. But at the time you couldn't find any .38 ammo anywhere! My eyes did kind of bug out when I opened the box!!
But shooting no reloadable cases was better then not shooting!
Great tip though!!

As I watched the competition, I noticed quite a few FTF, FTE & other ammo releated mishaps.
I was wondering is this that common with reloading?
I don't know the reloading procedures of that individual.
It could just be his lack of attention to detail.

My friend disabled the auto indexing for this reason. He felt that he had a better handle on quality this way.
I have shot around 750 rds of his reloads & have never had an issue.
Im not saying he is perfect. Mistakes happen!
I witnessed 4 or 5 ammo issues with one shooter yesterday!
To me, that is to many!!

Thanks again for the info guys!!
~ "JJ"
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