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Right now my only pistol I have that I could use is a Sigma 9VE.
A Sigma could be used in Production Division, but that means only loading to 10 rounds and 3 mags is not enough, so for now, sign up in Limited where you can fill the mags.
I guess if you recomend the Dillion press then that is what you use. Right?
If so which model? How much do you think you have in your set up?
For me, Dillon 550. Less complex, less expensive than a 650, but the 650 can crank out ammo faster. Brian Enos has an article on which Dillon. A Lee Pro 1000 is cheaper, and should work ok, but I have never used one. There are some other things you need, like a scale, and unless you buy new brass, a tumbler.
you can compete shooting in a competitive fashion, or in a tactical fashion
This can also be a comparison of USPSA and IDPA. WHOLE 'nother topic.
Plus, I don't have the funds to buy the other stuff!!
For now, buy ammo, save the brass. Oh, get brass case ammo, not steel or aluminum.

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