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First test drive

I finally got my Mannlicher Schoenauer to the range today. I put about 10 cheap American Eagle rounds through her. The MS action is like a new gun tight, not metal on metal tight but precision machine and engineering tight. I now understand why that action is famous. I laser bore-sighted the Weaver scope before we left the house and was disappointed that I couldn’t find paper. On a fluke I found one bullet hole about 9" high. I cranked the scope down a bunch of clicks and by sheer luck nailed the elevation. The windage was already on target. The trigger pull was heavier than I expected, maybe 6 or 7lbs with a tiny bit of slack up front. It broke nice and had very little if any over travel. The trigger blade was a little thinner that I would prefer but I shoot a lot of target handguns and am used to a wide trigger. The 50 yard group was two rounds through the same hole and a third overlapping about half way. Total size was less than half an inch. I took it out to the 100 yard line but it was at the end of the day. I was tired from a bunch of 270 and 30-06 rounds so my shoulder was tender. The cross hairs on the old Weaver are pretty thick to so it wasn't as precise a sight picture as at 50 yards. The group opened up to about 2.5”. I know that it'll do far better than that but I wasn't up to it. Next time out I'll shoot from the 100yd line first. I'll also work up work up some hand loads. Based on the 50yard performance I would bet she is sub moa but even if not the accuracy is excellent for a 50+ year old rifle with a 40+year old scope. I sure like this rifle!!!

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