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always starts with Safety First

USPSA is most definitely not a bunch of good ol' boys out trick-shooting, ay?
In fact, you can expect pretty much the same thing at any USPSA nation-wide. Rules, too.

Tactical or competive style is what I was referring to, tactical being 'shoot from cover', target engagement order, reloading technique, drawing from concealment, etc., vs competitive style, like trick holsters and magazine pouches, fancy footwear, guns unusable for actual street wear, and the like.

Match fees normally run around $25 per. Some clubs host matches with larger or smaller rd-ct. Some don't shoot during 'weather'. Some have limitations, or lack of, based on the physical range set-up.
Still all delicious fun.

I went as a spectator first, too.
Then I tried it.
Then I became addicted; I still am.
I am not alone......

"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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