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Bullseye Pistol box scope mount

Hi, I have a Pachmeyer pistol box for Bullesye shooting, and it came with an old scope (unknown make, green textured surface). This scope works great, but I want to use one of the modern adjustable scope mounts (that mounts to the inside of the upper box cover). Unfortunately this scope does not have the standard 5-16" scope mount hole all modern scopes do -- it doesn't have any mounting hole at all!

I know I could make some mickey mouse sort of hose clamp to wrap around it and bolt it down, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a nicer system. To reiterate, what I need to wrap around the scope, then offer a stable way to thread a 5-16/18NC bolt into it so that it clamps the scope to the adjustable mount arm.

Any ideas?
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