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Oh yeah!

I put the blunderbus out on the porch for an hour so it would acclimate and the sweat would evaporate.
I used the ragged French amber flint I've been using all this time and loaded it with 60 grains of Goex FFg Blackpowder and primed it with KIK 3F. I made some packets out of a page of an old phone book sort of like how I make paper cartridges for my rifles. I wrapped it around a half inch dowel rod and glued the edge with a glue stick and slid it to the concave end and folded it like a roll of coins. Poured 60 grains of shot in it and folded and glued the end to make a shot packet. I also used my 3/4" greased felt wads over the powder and tamped it home. The paper packet collapsed and acted as an over shot wad. I think I'm going to bump it up to 80 grains of shot like I load my Howdah, but I only use 45 grains of powder in it..More shot gives a tighter pattern with high density, more powder and the pattern opens up with less density. The flare at the end of the barrel just acts like a funnel for loading. It also acts like a muzzle brake, like a post-Renaissance Noveske Iron Pig.

It's also neat that the flare at the end of the barrel is spotless, the soot ends right where the barrel starts to bloom out.
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