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I have one of those to my credit. Only wounded him with a single shot but the shot opened 5 holes in him including two in his scrotum. His face actually looked something like that smiley just after it hit him.

That was not fun, nor were the nightmares that followed for several years afterwards (the first 6 months of them were especially bad for me). Shooting someone, and hurting them badly or killing them, is something most of us have learned from a young age is not a good thing to do, and even though self defense is a good thing, hurting others goes against the grain of my upbringing.

Then again, had I not trained and practiced my training over and over again about what to do in a situation where it seemed someone had the drop on me with a gun, I may have been not only robbed of my money but killed and had my gun, ammo and creds stolen too. Once they found out I was an LEO they may have tried to kill me just because I wa sone or because they may have panicked thinking I wiould be able to ID them. Of course, that is had I not done that for which I had trained and practiced repeatedly and one of those things was to shoot and another was not to surrender and put myself at the mercy of dirtbags.

Repeatedly training and then practicing what you learned are good things. Even better if you enjoy it as I do.

As for the one guy I shot, the story is here if you want to read it:

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