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Glenn Bartley
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Thanks for the info, I did not see ammo listed as one of the things in the forum header so had been uncertain as where to place it or if I could place an ad for ammo because when I read the rules I did not see it mentioned.


I read the rules before contacting you guys. Did not want to be a pain by asking an unnecessary queston if it was mentioned somewhere.

I have only a small amount of 303 British ammo, 100 rounds, I may offer for sale for probably at less than what I paid for it - and if I post it I will do so later this weekend.

I'll make sure to follow the rules, making every effort to overcome the muddled middle aged mind/memory thing. I rather like this site even if not a very frequent visitor. It is usually very polite here even when posters disagree, that is a good thing.

Just a suggestion made with respect - maybe add the word Ammunition or Ammo to the header of the:

"Buy, Sell and Trade: Holsters, Gear and Accessories"

changing it to:

"Buy, Sell and Trade: Ammo, Holsters, Gear and Accessories".

All the best,
Glenn B
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