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OK, I'm reading from the 2010 NMLRA match program. This is a direct quote.

Match 25 Bench Rest Aggregate-Classified. 25,50,and 100yds. 5 shots offhand style pistol, any sight,ball, or bullet. For firing position a stool may be
used or kneeling. The pistol forward of the trigger guard may be placed on a
rest (provided by the shooter). The pistol may not be double rested (must be
held by one or both hands or supported by a gloved hand) with the muzzle
forward of the bench. Nothing may be attached to the bench-no screws,bolts, clamps,straps, cords,ect. of any kind is allowable. Un-quote.

There it all is. That is a direct quote. Mykeal is a NMLRA pistol range officer.
He might be able to answer any other questions. Glad you have a interest.
Not like some people on here who think there are no bench matches. is offline  
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