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National NMLRA Bench Rest Pistol Matches

For those of you who might be so inclined there are bench rest pistol matches
at Friendship Indiana. You are permitted to use a "Red Dot" sight. Any kind of
muzzleloading pistol including revolvers may be used. These matches are shot in the June "Spring" Nationals and again in Sept. The "Fall Shoot". The matches are fired at 25 yd 50 yd and 100 yd. Each match is a 5 shot match and is fired on the NRA slow fire pistol target. What won this year and
last year is a 5 shot group of about 4 inches at 50 yds. Matches are not won
on groups though, they are won on score. A score of 47 at 50 yds will usually
win it. 49 to 50 is what it takes at 25 yds. For those of you who might think
this is a cake walk, it is not. I have tried it and it is very hard. Anyway it's
just another match to drive you nuts! is offline  
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