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There are a lot of variables even under good weather conditions. I didn't think about condensation when I took a 75 degree gun outside into a 100 degree, 50% humidity environment. It was sweating all over. I used 3F Goex Pinnacle as the ignition charge, just filling up the depression on the pan. I used 50 grains of Shockey's Gold as the main charge with wadded TP over the powder and fired it as a blank to see if it ignited. It was slow, probably from the sweating and the Pinnacle. I then loaded it with the same charge of powder, 50 grains of #7 birdshot, and wadded up TP as the overpowder wad and overshot wad. It went off again, but it was slow. Pinnacle's really greasy, a lot like 777, that was probably also a factor. Every time I flashed the pan or shot it, I used a pick on the flashhole to make sure it was clear. I showed my kids the sparks when they got home from school and it greatly amused them when I flashed the pan in my bedroom. No worries, I have a ceiling fan. I cleaned the bore and flashpan last night so I can get her dirty today.

I'm going to use Goex 2F and 3F as the ignition charge today and 60 grains of Goex 2F as the main charge. I'm going to let the gun acclimate to the heat and humidity after I load the main charge. I'm going to use a greased felt wad over the powder like I do with my rifles. The flint is looking pretty ragged, but it's a soft French amber and I didn't have it set up right the first few times I made sparks, I'll try a Tom Fuller next.
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