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I shot my Blunderbuss today. :)

My steel Blunderbuss from MVCT came in more than a week ago, my flints came in the mail today. Specifics: 14" steel barrel, .678" bore, my .68" lead balls won't fit. I plan on using a patched .60" ball, birdshot, and buckshot.

I've barely touched a flintlock before. Via Pete's advice I bought a few different styles of flints from Track of the Wolf and figured out how to make sparks, then I filled the depression of the pan with Goex Pinnacle 3F and pulled the trigger and it went whoosh! and filled my kitchen with smoke. It ignited instantaneously and I heard the whoosh go through the flashhole and smoke came out of the barrel, so I know it will shoot quick. I was so excited and it was so fun, I called my girlfriend to tell her.

Now I need to see if the Shockey's Gold 2F will work in the pan.

I have some Goex 2F and 3F BP, I was just seeing it it would be possible to use the substitutes so I can use them up faster to get to the good stuff.

Any advice you want to give me will be appreciated.
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