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Sorry,folks but I am disgusted with the folks who are sympathetic to this garbage,One of the greatest threats to liberty is agency beaureucrats creating restrictive regulation.One great testimony to the falseness of their motivation is the banning of incandescent lightbulbs,replacing them with mercury laden flourescents.Its a big lie.Yes,by all means do not paint cribs with lead base paints.We get that.
I used to live in Aurora,Illinois.The have a Galena Street.Galena is lead ore.I would see ice cube sized lead crystals in exposed earth in town as I delivered newspapers.When the EPA is willing to declare Aurora ,Illinois a hazardous area and evacuate eveyone and shut the place down and concrete over it,then I might give the arguement credibility.
These are the same folks that would capture the endagered spotted owls and plant them where they wanted to shut down a project.
This often led to the death of the transplanted owl.(Other predator birds)
Lead wheel weights will go away via the EPA in 2011.
These folks want us to become extinct,and it is done one ratchet click at a time,freedom gone forever.
Lead has properties of density,dead mallability,softness,low temperature moldability.
Long range shooting,muzzle loading,blackpowder cartridge shooting,22 rimfires,and the idea that a shooter can make his own bullets from salvage material are dead without lead.
Please,do not give an inch on this.Fight it however you can.
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