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Most of the county would be over run with deer in no time at all and many thousands of jobs would be lost across a slew of industries.
Congress won't even think about gun control or gun bans right now because of the potential political repercussions.
There's no chance for any of this kind of legislation to pass. The political stakes are simply too high.
The insurance companies are not for having more deer causing more car accidents, more Lyme disease and all that.
I mean really, the folks living in farm states would have fits.
What about the food supply and farm profits and exports?
The urban states already have increases in deer/car accident rates every year and the insurance companies always advocate lowering deer populations.
The argument is what's more important, the quality of human society or animal welfare?
Think about it!
It happened with moose and car accidents too. And moose seasons and bag limits have lagged far behind the increase in car accidents involving them.
What if no one wanted to hunt deer because ammo was too expensive or banned?
The thought is so ridiculous that it's pathetic!
If most people stopped hunting, society would suffer tremendously.
What these groups are saying is simply a bad joke.
What's next, contraceptives for deer?
No sane, responsible politician would vote for such buffoonery.

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