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That is slick! Care to share about your setup?
It's a regular Tom Denall "Silent Destroyer" conversion using a Ruger 77/44 in 44 mag as the base gun. The barrel is shortened to 9" and is not ported. The inner tube is permenently attached to the barrel to get it over 16" so it's a one stamp gun. The inner tube has 16 baffles. The outer tube is 20"x1.75 and functions as the blast chamber. The inner tube has large holes cut to vent most of the gas into the outer tube before the bullet passes the first baffle. The outer tube is mounted offset to the inner tube to allow a lower mounting of a scope.

I stuck with the factory barrel because I am going to be shooting cast bullets exclusively. A fast twist barrel works better with jacketed, but is not good for cast. The suppressor can be fully disassembled for cleaning and was designed specifically for shooting cast bullets.

For optics I have a Russian designed, Belarus made 6x42 POSP scope mounted. The extra height is very handy for making the longer shots. The Chevron reticle makes long range shooting very easy as well.

I can't remember if it's the 3rd or 4th Chevron that's the 200 yard mark. Perhaps I should write this stuff down. Top Chevron is 50 yards.
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