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But you are forgetting one thing,,,
These folk are not really concerned about the animals,,,
This is simply one more tactic towards their end goal of eliminating firearm ownership.
Do you have any evidence of that, or are you just making up motivations for them?

One answer - hogwash. We lived on game killed by lead bullets for centuries, food grown in fields where game was shot, and I don't see any twisted mutated lead poisoned animal offspring limping around gibbering. This is garbage, pure and simple. If lead poisoning of game animals was such a concern, and so dangerous, our ancestors would heva died out from the horrors, and there would be a game animal alive on the continent.
Our ancestors also believed that bleeding people cured disease, that sickness was a curse from God, and that eating pills of mercury could make you live forever.

Given the horrendous squalor and short lifespans that plagued most of human history, "We've always done it this way" is a ridiculous argument that should be viewed with the highest suspicion. Actual modern science shows that lead, even in small quantities, is dangerous to have in the food system. Claiming that just because you can't see a problem from your backyard means it can't possibly exist is at best naive.
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