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Hello Doyle:

You said:
Seeing as we now have excellent non-toxic ammo available, I really wouldn't be terribly opposed to a lead ban for hunting ammo.
In theory I can't really argue with you here,,,
Maybe we do have the ability to make lead free ammo,,,
I'm not so much a traditionalist that I would not be interested in this.

But you are forgetting one thing,,,
These folk are not really concerned about the animals,,,
This is simply one more tactic towards their end goal of eliminating firearm ownership.

Maybe some of the folk really care about the birds,,,
But they are being exploited by the gun haters for the anti-gun agenda.

If they can't get around the protection of the 2nd amendment,,,
They will simply make firearms ownership too expensive by regulating our ammunition.

This is an end around run,,,
Not a legitimate concern for animal welfare

Knowing this to be their true agenda,,,
Please do not allow yourself to be swayed,,,
By the false sentiments of their trumped up cause.

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